The Boys’ Brigade

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Interestingly, the original spelling of ‘steadfast’ in the BB’s motto was ‘Stedfast’ which was the archaic spelling of the word. It has now been changed to the modern spelling of the word.

Freddie McAllister and Davy Murray were running the Boys Brigade when Mrs Jackson started up The Life Boys.

Mrs Jackson was invited to the Royal Garden Party at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, in recognition of the work she did.

photo of The Boys' Brigade

Side Edge Back – John Clark, Jimmy Douglas?, ?
Third Row – Ernie Kerr, John Weir
Second Row – Stewart Carmichael?, Robbie Bulloch, ?
Front Row – Jim Black, Colin MacInnes, Thomson Wright, Donald Cameron.

photo of The Boys' Brigade

Front Row
Andrew Thompson, Glen Munro, John Clark, Alex Tickle, Archie McPherson, John Weir, George Campbell.

Middle Row
Peter Douglas, Robbie Bulloch, Duncan Kerr, Neil Gillanders

Back Row
Jim Black, Police Inspector MacKinnon, Davy Cameron, Captain Gordon Calder, Stewart Carmichael, Officer Davy Murray, Ernie Kerr.

Skiffle Group

L – R Glen Munro, Colin McInnes, Jim Black, on the drums at the back Robbie Bulloch, George Campbell, David Cameron, miming to Jail House Rock in 1957 or 1958
BB1 – 003

Mrs MacKinnon, Police Inspector wife shaking hands with Emma Fergusson. Gordon Calder BB Captain
Aggie Mary Sinclair
photo of The Boys' Brigade

Display Night 1957

Back Row
Jim Black, Andrew Thomson, Glen Munro, Colin Wright, Colin MacInnes, John Clark, Peter Douglas, George Campbell, David Cameron, Thomson Wright, Jimmy Douglas, Donald Cameron.

Middle Row
David Gillanders, Robbie Bulloch, Duncan Kerr, Alec Tickell, Stewart Carmichael, Archie McPherson, Alex Clark, John Weir, Ernie Kerr.

Front Row
David Murray, Rev. Norman McSween, Captain Gordon Calder, Chief Constable of Argyll (Mr MacKinnon), Archie Galbraith, John MacNab.
photo of The Boys' Brigade

Back Row
Euan MacDonald, Jamie Stirling, Stuart Robertson, Jamie Campbell, Mark Lyons, Euan Clark, Anthony Davidson , David Wilson.

Front Row ? , James Roy, ? , Kenneth McIver, Ross MacDonald, Gary ?, Connor Lyons, Alan McHugh, Alan Kerr, Tristan Stanton
photo of The Boys' Brigade

Back Row – Alex Stirling, ? , ? , ? , ? , ? , Joanna Montgomery
Fourth Row – ? , Rev. Stivens, Daniel Challis, ? , Janice Campbell, ? , Ernie Kerr
Third Row – Euan Clark, Jamie McRaild, Donald McVicar, John Conning , Ben Neville, Christopher Challis, Robert McLeod, Scott MacKellar, ? , ? . Craig Morton, Alan Dey, Mark Lyons
Third Row – Three boys in front – Duncan Kerr, Darroch Lyon, Russel Morrison
Second Row – Jamie Campbell, Jamie Stirling, Matthew Campbell, Ross (Eccleson), Stuart Robertson, ? , ?
Front Row
Hamish Morrison, Alan Kerr, David Wilson, Ian MacLennan, ? , ? , ? Whyte (Twin).

Boys’ Brigade Flag displayed in the Memorial Hall during a History Society open day

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Thanks – we know that The Girls Brigade colours were donated by the people of St Catherines so The Boys Brigade colours could have been too.

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