Strachur Parish Church

Strachur Free Church & United Free Church

United Free Church, formerly The Free Church and Manse, built in the 1850s. It became The United Free Church during the ‘Disruption’ in the 1900s.

“The Disruption was in 1843 when the Free Church began by splitting from the Church of Scotland. Over the years there were various amalgamations and splits but in 1900 most of the Free Church joined another church to become the United Free Church. Those who didn’t want to join remained as the Free Church, hence the present Free Church building.”

Agnes MacPhillimy

The present Free Church building


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Gravestones & Memorials, Strachur and Strathlachlan parish. A fantastic inventory with brief histories of the churches.

The United Free Church War Service Memorial has some names which unfortunately have not been included in the Graveyard book

Strachlachlan Church

Church Census Strachur


Church Census Strathlachlan


Church Census Strachur & Strathlachlan Population, Valuation, Stipends, Free Church & Establish Church Attendees