Then and Now By David Fiddes

We would like to thank David for this excellent selection of photos and also thanks to Roddy MacLennan who assisted in locating the correct spots. We are continuing to add to this collection so please keep logging in.

Creggans Cattle Market
DFB1-198 Cattle Sale at Creggans
Cattle market area, Strachur
The Creggans Hotel from the Pier
DFB4 Strachur 045
Strachur Pier looking towards Creggans
DFB4 PK5 1250
Dal na Craig
DFB6 Strachur 039
Dal na Craig
DFB6 PK5 1253
DFB10 Strachur House 040
DFB10 Strachur House PK1 1688
DFB12 Strachur 042
DFB12 Strachur House PK1 1756
DFB13 174
DFB13 PK5 1256
DFB14 Beech Avenue PK1 1739
DFB14 Strachur Gatehouse 3832
DFB 15 82
DFB15 The Bay Strachur PK1 1477
DFB20 053
DFB20 Strachur PK1 144
DFB22 Strachur 023
DFB22 Strachur PK1 1454
DFB Strachur 023
DFB23 The Bay PK1 1453
DFB24 Strachur 028
DFB24 Strachur Bay PK1 1440
DFB27 Strachur 038
DFB27 Bay Cottages PK1 1455
DFB27 PK1 1352
DFB30 -172 Bay Cottages
DFB29 PK1 1348
DFB29 PK1 1456
DFB31-PK 1623
DFB33 Loch Fyne from above Strachur
DFB33 PK1 1745
DFB34 183
DFB34 PK1 1559
DFB34 PK1 1563
Then and Now David Fiddes
DFC12-Ardgowan ca 1900
David Fiddes Then and Now
David Fiddes Then and Now
DFC13 80.Road to Inver Glen
David Fiddes Then and Now
DFCl3 Road To Inver Glen PK1 1285
DFC116 Old Inn and Church prior to 1903
Then and Now by David Fiddes
DFCI14 Old Inn and Church
DFC17 Strachur School
DFC17 154 Strachur School 1912
DFC17 Strachur School and House
DFC18 168. UF Church and Manse Strachur
DFC18 Free Church Manse
DFC18 New Free Church
DF Memorial Hall Annexe
DF1 PK1434
DFC 15 – 81 The Old White Elephant Shop
DF PK1 1695 White Elephant Shop
DFCI18 166 Church and Old Inn
DFCI11 021
DFCI11 Church and old Inn
DF180 Clachan Inverglen and Strachurbeg
DF180. Clachan Inverglen and Strachurbeg
DF048 DP2M 1957
DFC1 0537B
DFC2 Dundarave
DFC2 Dunderave 4974
DFC3 Cairndow Ardkinglas 074b

DFC3 Cairndow Ardkinglas 5197
DFC4 Cairndow 077
DFC4 Cairndow
DFC5 Laglingarten St Catherines 071
DFC5 Laglingarten St Catherines
DFC7 St Catherines 070
DFC7 St Catherines PK5 1242
DFC8 185
DFC8 Tighcladich
DFC9 188 St Catherines Hotel 1905
DFC9 St Catherines Hotel PK5 1235
DFC10 184 St Catherines Post Office
DFC10 PF5 1239 St Catherines Post Office
DFC11 74 Poll Schoolhouse
DFC11 PK5 1246 Poll Schoolhouse
DFC12 069
DFC12 Poll Bay SDIM2 3872
DFS1 187
DFS1 PK1 0122
DFS2 067
DFS2 1629
DFS3 New Castle Lachlan
FDS3 SDIM2 3875
DFS4 057
DFS4 DP2M 1907
DFS4 Stuckreoch
DFS6 PK1 1413
DFS6 PK1 1765
DFStrathlachlan Church
DFS9 PK1 1416
DFS11 065
DFS11 Newton PK1 1400
DFS12 PK1 1402
DFS13 181 Newton
DFS13 Newton PK1 1403