Strachur and District Shinty Teams

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Report on Shinty 1880
Report on Shinty 1881
SS1-003 1908

Back Row
Charlie McNicol, Archie MacFadyen, Duncan Weir, Duncan Clark (Glenshellish), Colin Montgomery, Peter Clark, Peter Fergusson, Robert Anderson.

Middle Row
Davie Montgomery, Duncan Munro, Neil Campbell, Archie Shaw (Glensluain), Dougie Morrison(Newton), John MacDougall (Jocky Bhan), John Munro.

Front Row
Peter McKellar, John MacFadyen.
Strachur Shinty Report from 1909
Strachur Shinty Team
SS1-011 1910

Back Row
Robert Anderson, …?…, John Campbell, Charles King Macnicol, …?…, Donald MacIntyre, Dr. MacCallum, Dolly MacNicol, Bob Scott, Calum Morrison.

Centre Row
John MacFadyen, Baldy Shaw, Rev. Alex. Silver, Niall Campbell (Inveraray), Duncan Weir, Pat MacKellar, Davie Montgomery.

Front Row …?…, Angie Leitch, John Montgomery, Dougie Morrison (Newton), Jimmy MacDougall (Newton).
SS1-008 Jock Armstrong
SS1-009 Robbie Weir and Jimmy Armstrong
SS1-013 At The Meadows, Rothesay

Strachur Team 1936

Back Row
Andrew Gillies, Duncan Weir, Jimmy Cameron, Wm. MacPherson, Peter MacPherson Malcolm Morrison, Jock Armstrong, Donald Morrison, Alex MacVicar.

Front Row
Jiggy Campbell, Alistair Douglas, John Weir, John MacIntyre, Donald MacPherson (Cairndow), Gideon Cameron.
SS1-012 1947 at Inveraray

Back Row
Ian McLachlan, Donald Campbell, Peter McKellar, Archie MacFadyen, Alec Cameron, Jimmy McNair, Jimmy Armstrong, J MacIntyre, Malcolm Morrison

Front Row
John Weir, Lachie Luke, Peter McLachlan, Donald Morrison.
SS1-006 1949 -50

Back Row
Douglas MacLennan, Angus Cummings, Lachie Luke, Donald McNab, Walter Thomson, Jimmy McNair, Alistair Brown.

Front Row
John McNab, Alex Black, Ian McLachlan, Donald Campbell, Alex Speirs.
SS1-007 At Strachur Park

?, Alex Black, Donald Campbell, Ian Maclachlan
SS1-014 1952 ColGlen/Strachur select team won the Auchamore Cup

Back Row
Hugh Black (McGuffie) Just out of picture, Donald McNab, Alex Black, George Donaldson, Kenny MacFarlan, Donald Campbell, Gus Cumming, Keith Blair

Front Row Peter MacLachlan, John Gillies, Duncan MacVicar, Lachie Luke, Donald Morrison, Neil Black

Very Front Calum Blair
Shinty photo
SS1-022 Dunoon Grammar School Shinty Team with some Strachur Shinty Players

Back Row
Walter Thomson, Duncan Heads, …?…, John Ferguson, …?…, Keith Blair

Middle Row
John McNab, Angus Cumming

Front Row
Ernie Turner, Iain Crawford, Alastair Thomson, John Luke, Donald McNab
Shinty photo
SS1-023 Dunoon Grammar School Shinty team with some Strachur Shinty Players

Back Row
J. MacLennan, M. Crawford, N. McDiarmid, A. Thomson, A. Cumming, A. Brown, A. McCallum, A. Taylor

Front Row
H. Speirs, R. MacLennan, Ian Crawford, D. Davidson

Dunoon Grammar School with some Strachur Shinty Players

Back Row
Alastair Brown, Hugh MacInnes, John MacLennan, Roddy MacLennan, ? Maxwell, Archibald MacCallum,

Front row Andrew Taylor, Ian Stewart, Hughie Spiers in centre, Dougie McLennan, Ian Crawford
SS1-001 1955-56 Season

Back Row
Duncan Sinclair, Peter MacKellar, Bill Blake, Robbie Weir, Donald Campbell, Roddy MacLennan, Lachie Luke, Duncan Campbell, Alec Speirs, George Luke, Malkie Morrison.

Front Row
Donald McNab, Gus Cummings, John McNab, Walter Thomson, Jock Campbell, Sandy Cameron, Willie Montgomery.

photo of Strachur Shinty team

Back Row
Gus Gumming, Bill Blake, Walter Thomson, John Brown, Alex Speirs, Donald Campbell, Angus Paterson.

Ian Crawford.

Front Row
John McNab, Dunkie Luke, Roddy MacLennan, Alex Black.
Strachur Shinty team 1958
SS1-017 1958

Shinty match in honour of the visit by the King of Nepal. Strachur v Inveraray.

Capt. Gus Cumming introducing the team – John Brown, Bill Blake, Alasdair Brown, Donald Cameron, Peter Douglas, Kenny MacLeod and Roddy MacLennan
SS1 – 015

Back Row
Walter Thomson, Alistair Brown, Rab Whyte, Michael Griffin, Bill Blake, Ernie MacPherson, Steve Ferguson, (Willie Macpherson).

Front Row
Sandy Cameron, Fred Limbert, Hughie Speirs, Billy MacPherson, Duncan Henderson.
Shinty photo
SS1-024 Dalmally

Rab Whyte, Walter Thomson, Fred Limbert, Duncan Luke, John Weir, Alistair Crawford
Shinty photo
SS1-025 1962 Southern League

Back Row
Rab Whyte, Donald Cameron, Roddy MacLennan, Fred Limbert, Duncan Henderson, Sandy Cameron, Steve Ferguson

Front Row
Michael Griffin, Walter Thomson, Billy McPherson, Iain Crawford, Alistair Brown
Shinty photo
SS1-029 1962 Walter receiving Southern League Cup

Captain D. MacRae, …?…, Walter Thomson, …?…, …?…, …?…., Katie Fergusson, …?…,
Shinty photo
SS1-028 1962

Captain D. MacRae, …?…, …?…, …?…, …?…., Walter Thomson, …?…, …?…, …?…, …?…, Dorothy Luke, …?…, Charlie Fergusson, …?…, …?…, ?…., …?…, …?…
A School Competition won by a Dunoon Grammar School Team which had 9 players from Strachur

Back Row L-R
David Weir, Peter Jackson, Donnie Clark, Nigel Robertson, Hamish Downie,
Alan Crawford, ? from Tighnabruaich

Front Row L-R
Les Kerr, B Luke, John Ferguson, Hugh Crawford, John McFadyen.

Back Row
Niall Campbell, Fred Limbert, Donald McPhail (Bucket), Jimmy Shaw, R. McLachlan, Donald Cameron, Donnie Clark, Brian Black, Alan MacRaild.

Front Row
John McFadyen, Billy MacPherson, Les Kerr, Colin Nairn, Peter MacKellar.
SS1 – 019 4th June 1983 Camanachd Cup Final Strachur V Kyles

Back Row
Donald Cameron (Coach), David Limbert, Euan Paterson, Donny McPhail, Peter Jackson, Ernie McPherson, Robert Jackson, John McDonald.

Front Row
Steven Limbert, Neil McRaild, Donald McDonald, John Duncan, Charlie Taylor, Roddy Leitch, Davy McPherson.

Norrie Campbell, Davy MacPherson, Alastair McCuaig, Charlie Taylor, Robert Jackson, Ernie MacPherson, Donald MacDonald (Donut), Neil MacRaild, John Macdonald, Donald MacPhail (Bucket), Les Kerr, Peter Jackson, Ewan Paterson, Alistair Campbell (ATTO).
Shinty photo
SS1-030 Col Glen 6-A-Sides

Back Row
Duncan Campbell, David Gowans, John Montgomery, Ewan Paterson

Front Row
Colin Cameron, Steven Limbert, Hugh Scott

Shinty photo
SS1-027 1991 Strachur Carnival winners – Fergusson Shield

Back Row
? Sanderson, Darroch Lyon, Dunkie Kerr, Alan MacRaild, Mark Lyon, Jamie Stirling, James Dixon, Alan Dey

Front row
Craig Morton, Scott MacKellar, Duncan Currie, Robert MacDonald, Stuart Robertson
Shinty photo
SS1-026 Strachur Primary School Shinty

Back Row
Walter Thomson, James Dixon, Ewan MacColl, Duncan Currie, Roddy MacColl, Stewart Nairn, Ben Neville, Scott MacKellar, Daniel Challis

Front Row
Charles Dey, Craig Morton, Gary Bream, Gordon Currie, Alan Dey, Robert MacDonald
SS1- 020 Strachur Primary School Shinty

Back Row
James Johnstone, Ally Reid, Ross MacDonald, Scott MacKellar, Ian Salisbury, James Roy, Kenny MacIver.

Front Row
Jason Reid, Kevin Salisbury, ? , Joe Taylor.
SS1 – 021 Strachur Primary School Shinty

Back Row

Jamie Stirling, Stuart Robertson, Ian MacLennan, Jamie MacRaild.

Front Row
Davy Wilson, Ewen Clark, Dunky Kerr,
Boxing Day Shinty played for The Niall Campbell Memorial Trophy
Strachur Oldies against Youngsters
Boxing Day Shinty 2008
SS1-031 2008
Boxing Day Shinty

Back Row
John McFadyen, Andy Wilson, Donut, John Montgomery, Gordon MacLeod, Stevie Bulloch, Kevin Nairn

Front Row
Joe Campbell, Willie Flannel, Ali Mirrlees, Brian Dickie, Jamie Campbell, Iain Robertson, Grant Gibson, Ronnie Campbell
Boxing Day Shinty 2008
SS1-033 2008

Very Back
Ross MacDonald, Ali Reid

Back Row
Andy Leitch, Davy Wilson, Stuart Robertson, Neil MacRaild, Dunkie Kerr,
Ian MacLennan, Ewan MacDonald, Thomas Sailsbury

Front Row Kevin Salisbury, James Roy, Jamie Campbell, Andrew Robertson, Ian Wilson, Ian Hamish Paton
Boxing Day Shinty 2008
SS1-032 2008

Murray Cormie, John Montgomery, Jamie Campbell, Dunkie Kerr (Referee), Ross MacDonald, Ronnie Campbell, John McFadyen

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