Poll School

Mr. John Campbell was Landlord of St. Catherines Hotel and also Coachdriver from Lochgoilhead to St. Catherines. While he was living in St. Catherine’s there was no proper school, educating children was difficult so Mr. Campbell decided to do something about that. He kept his passengers amused with tales and at the end of the journey he would ask for a donation to contribute to the fund he was raising for a new school at St. Catherines. He donated generously himself as did neighbouring gentry and a grant having been obtained from government. The foundation stone was laid in 1857 with Masonic honours.

Poll School closed on 30th June 1960, pupils and Teacher transferred to Strachur.

Poll School Staff
Photo of Poll School Children 1880

Poll School ca 1880
Photo of Poll School Children 1880

Poll school ca 1880
Photo of Poll School Children 1940
PS1 – 003
Poll School playground ca 1940

Paddy McHugh, Donald McNab.

M McHugh, Myra McNab, Milda Campbell.
Photo of Myra and John McNab at Poll School 1940
Poll School Playground ca1940

Myra and John McNab
Photo of Poll School Children 1948
PS1 – 005

Poll School ca 1948

Miss Flora McIntyre (Teacher), Ian Whitton, Archie Mackie, John Fleming, Neil Weir, Allan Munro.

Alastair Shaw, Peggy Darroch, Sheena Darroch, Margaret Fleming, Jim Weir.

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