1897 – 1918 – Roger Herbert Plowden and the Interior of Strachur Park

Having had various Tenants since 1838, The Campbell family eventually sold Strachur Estate in 1897 to Roger Plowden.

We are very grateful to have a digital copy of The Plowden Collection of Photographs. With thanks to Live Argyll Libraries (Local Collection) for help with purchase of the first Album which they retain. Also thank you to Francis Plowden for allowing us to have a copy of the second Album of photos. (See also our page on Piers and Fishing)and for allowing us to display them on this website. SDLHS have pieced together some information about the Plowden Family from research, old newspaper cuttings etc. Please have a look at all our pages on Roger Herbert Plowden.

Roger Herbert Plowden was born in Florence in 1853 and became a banker and land proprietor. In 1888 he married Minnie Jump and by 1897 they, and their young son Humphrey, had bought and moved into Strachur Park. Minnie was a keen photographer and we think took many of the photos you will see on this and the following pages. Minnie also painted, made notes and kept a record of events of her time in Strachur Park which give us an insight into life there. The second Mrs Plowden also put together an album so we have a wealth of fascinating material – too much to show here but if you wish to know more, please contact us


A telegram sent back to Strachur, presumably to his wife Minnie, to say Roger had purchased Strachur Estate. Some newspaper cuttings also spreading the word.

Although this photo has no original caption we are fairly sure it’s Minnie with with a very young Humphrey
photo from Plowden Collection
PC1-020 Minnie taking photo
Photo from Plowden Collection
PC1-016 Roger Plowden with his son Humphrey and Juggins the dog

Records from Fergusson the builders tell us about the alterations made by the Plowdens and it’s thought that some of them would benefit Minnie. Unfortunately she did not keep good health and had to use a stick or wheelchair at times. Records show an old dark room was replaced by a new one and a lift was installed at the back of the house. A balcony topped by a conservatory, was constructed on the first floor.

Very sadly Minnie died in 1899 giving birth to their second son Piers.

The selection of photos on this page give us a very interesting glimpse into the interior of Strachur Park at this time.
Plowden Collection
Plowden Collection
PC1-014 Mr Roger Plowden reading “Peggy of the Bartons” first published in 1897
PC1-062 Amateur Dramatics – this seemed a popular pursuit of the Plowdens and their guests and there are a number of photos of people in various poses and costumes

Roger Plowden, Mr Dudley Leigh (kneeling) Edith Henniker, Helen/ also frequently called Hasel, Mrs Dudley Leigh
Plowden Collection

Unfortunately the following photographs were not annotated – however eagle-eyed viewers may be able to work out who the people are and in some of the following pages about the family, photos have names attached. So a bit of detective work might add to the interest!

Plowden Collection
Plowden Collection
Plowden Collection
Plowden Collection
Plowden Collection
Plowden Collection

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