Strachur & District History Society produced a booklet to commemorate the lives lost named on our Memorials

How often do you walk past a war memorial without giving a thought to the names written there? You know they are the local men who died while serving in a war, but unless you are in your local area or a place your ancestors came from you will probably not know any of the people listed there, and may wonder what would be the point in reading a list of names? The purpose of this book is to make those whose names are listed on the WW1 memorials in Strachur and Strathlachlan more than just names. We have done our best to find out who they were through war records and through Statutory Records and the Census. Sometimes we have found obituaries or have information from their descendants or people who knew the family. Some of these men were so young when they died that records can say very little of them. The last census before the war was in 1911, when some of these men were still at school, and when the 1921 Census is made public none of these names will be there. Sometimes we can tell you more about parents and in some cases ancestors much farther back. For older men, the fact that records are made public only after 100 years means that there is little we can tell about what happened to widows or children they left behind. The stories show what varied backgrounds these men came from and something of the different occupations they followed, or would have followed had their lives not been cut short. We hope that we have gone some way to showing these men as real people and not just names on a memorial. November, 2018

WW1 - Ivar Campbell
Strachur House
The Bay, Strachur
Archibald McCallum
Glenbranter House
GE1-001 Glenbranter House
MacDougal Family 1913
John holding parasol, next back right Colin , front of Colin is Niven
WW1 text about Alastair McEwan
WW1 text about Peter Mcgilp
WW1 text about Donald and Peter McGlashan
WW1 text about John Campbell MacGregor
WW1 text about George Mackenzie
WW1 text about peter mcKinnon
WW1-16a Glenbranter with Loch Eck in the distance
WW1 text about Andrew McLachlan
WW1 text about Robert MacLeod Paul
WW1-18a Poll Bay, St. Catherines
WW1 text about Peter Weir
WW1-19a Peter Weir

Two names on the memorials we were unable to find any records about – Private James Fergusson, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and Private George McKay, Cameron Highlanders.

In the course of our research we have come across other names not on either memorial but whose connection to the parish we felt qualified them for inclusion. Our source for some of these names is the two Rolls of Honour which hang in Strachur Church, one being British Legion, the other coming from the United Free Church. These list the names of men and women who served in the war, indicating which of them lost their life.

WW1 text about Archibald McFadyen
WW1 text about Robert McLachlan
WW1-21a Strachurbeg
WW1 text about Duncan McLean
WW1 text about Alexander McNab
WW1-23a Garrel
WW1 text about Donald McNab
WW1-24 This information we found about Donald McNab after we had produced the booklet
WW1 text on Donald McVean
WW1-25a Donald and Catherine McVean
WW1 text about James Nicol
WW1 text about Henry Simms
WW1 sources
WW1 booklet back page

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