The Creggans Shops

Morrisons Shop
SV1-023 Morrisons Shop large Building on left, small building in Middle Creggans Shop
Morrison's shop price list

A memory from Donald Morrison MBE (from an edited interview with Cathie Montgomery and friends)

“….Look at Morrison’s at the Creggans there! Look at the stuff, the wagons they had! There were four horses right away. They had everything. Do you know how many staff they had over there altogether? There would be 20 of a staff. He had seven tailors; he had a tailor’s shop. You know yon house with the stair up – that was the tailor’s shop and he kept seven tailors. Then he had the grocers, a licensed grocer’s shop, the butchers and I don’t know whether he had coal or not, and then he had the big meal store; he supplied a lot of folk with their feeding stuff. He had Island Farm as well and he used to sell his fat lambs over the counter there and his old ewes.”

SV2 -001

Morrisons shop flaggan
Morrisons shop flaggan
Morrisons Shop
SV1-024 Morrisons Shop on left, small building in middle – Creggans Shop
Morrisons Shop
Morrisons Shop
SV1-016 At the Creggans Shop
Muil and Fraser Van
SV1-011 Van at The Lodge Strachur
Archie McNair's Grocery Van at Garrel
SV1-015 Mrs. McNab at Archie McNair’s Grocery Van at Garrel The McNairs shop was at the Creggans Shop