Boys Brigade

The Boys Brigade

Boys’ Brigade Flag displayed in the Memorial Hall during a History Society open day

The Boys Brigade was founded in Glasgow in 1883. The lifeboys was the old name for the Boys Brigade Junior Section (8-11yrs)

The badge was introduced in 1956 and discontinued in 1968. It was awarded for two or more years of continuious service in The Life Boys.

The anchor depicted on their crest was adopted from the biblical reference “which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast” (Hebrews 6:19) This is also reflected in the Brigade’s motto “sure and steadfast”.

In 1926 the Boys Brigade united with The Boys Life Brigade. The junior organisation of the Boys Brigade prior to 1926 was called “The Boy Reserves” but after amalgamation, the juniors were called “The Life Boys”. The Life Boys remained as the junior reserve of the Boys Brigade until 1966 when the name was changed to “The Junior Section”.

Interestingly, the original spelling of ‘steadfast’ in the BB’s motto was ‘Stedfast’ which was the archaic spelling of the word. It has now been changed to the modern spelling of the word.

Display Night 1957

Back Row
Jim Black, Andrew Thomson, Glen Munro, Colin Wright, Colin MacInnes, John Clark, Peter Douglas, George Campbell, David Cameron, Thomson Wright, Jimmy Douglas, Donald Cameron.

Middle Row
David Gillanders, Robbie Bulloch, Duncan Kerr, Alec Tickell, Stewart Carmichael, Archie McPherson, Alick Clark, John Weir, Ernie Kerr.

Front Row
David Murray, Rev. Norman McSween, Captain Gordon Calder, Chief Constable of Argyll (Mr MacKinnon), Archie Galbraith, John MacNab.

photo of The Boys' Brigade

Mrs MacKinnon, Police Inspector wife shaking hands with Emma Fergusson. Gordon Calder BB Captain? Aggie Mary Sinclair?