Strachur School Photos 1889 – 1966/7

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School Photo 1889
0001 Strachur Primary School ca1889

Third Row: 4 along on the left Davie Montgomery born 1883

School Photo 1907
0002 Strachur School ca 1907
School Photo 1907
0003 Strachur School ca 1907

Back Row: L-R 7th Charles Fergusson, Willie Montgomery

Middle Row: L-R 3rd Jock Smith, Ian Thomson 8th Colin Ferguson 9th Will ‘Hare’ Ferguson
school Photos 1910
0004 Strachur School ca 1910 (the girls)

The headmaster was Mr William Geddes and the Assistant Miss Cameron To the immediate left of Mr Geddes is Donald Morrison’s eldest sister Lucy and Mary Clark, Balliemore, 2 along on the right of Mr Geddes This was taken around the time when the school numbers were so large that the decision to extend the school was taken, the extension being complete in 1912
School Photos 1910
0005 Strachur School ca 1910 – the Boys

Pictured are William Geddes (headmaster) (see the request for his resignation in the School Board Minutes (1911) following an enquiry of his treatment of the children).
Miss Cameron (Assistant Schoolmistress) Mr Silver (Assistant Minister)and Jimmy Watson (Policeman). The boy in the front row in the kilt with his finger in his mouth is Donald Morrison’s elder brother, Colin.
In front of the Policeman is (Will Hare)Ferguson grandson of Donacha Ban at the Bay.
He went to New Zealand when he came out of the army
And Coll(Rabbit) son of Colin Fergusson Tombuie

(One of our committee members is currently researching whether Colin Morrison or Colin Fergusson had the nickname ‘Rabbit’)

School Photos 1922
0006 Strachur School 1922

Back Row: John Walker, Donald McCallum, Danny Crawford, Andrew Gillies, Duncan Weir, Bob Galloway, David Galloway

Centre Row: John Crawford, Donald Morrison, Freddie McAllister, Colina McKellar, Isabel Crawford, Mary Crawford, Jimmy Taylor, ‘Baldy’ Campbell Angus Sinclair

Front Row: Miss Mima Wilkie (teacher), Alex McCallum, Evelyn Luke, Ellen McDougall, Christina and Isobel Galloway (twins), Ina Bain, Lena Weir, Jim McCallum, Mr John Cameron Stewart
Strachur school 1922/23
0006A Strachur School 1922/23

Back Row: Ernest Crawford, Sandy Sinclair, Nancy Vallance, Mary McKellar, ..?.., Colin Sinclair.

Centre Row: ..?.., Duncan McFadyen, Dugie McFadyen, Alan Sinclair, Archie Crawford, John Campbell, Peter Leitch, Ian Montgomery.

Front Row: Miss Wilkie, Nola Anderson, ..?.., Donald McKellar, ..
…?… Edgar, Eleanor Campbell, Niven McDougall, Margaret Leitch, Sadie Weir, Mr Stewart.
School Photos
0007 Strachur School
Back Row: Miss Wilkie, Donald McKellar, W. Leitch, …?…, Ernest Crawford, W. McIver,…?…, Neil McDougall, John Weir

Middle Row: Margaret Leitch, Peggy Sinclair, …?…, Margaret Crawford, Orma McAlpine, Jenny Black

Front Row: Niall Campbell, Peter MacKellar, Tommy McIver, Ian McFadyen, Archie Sinclair

Strachur School 1923/24
007A Strachur School 1924/25

Back Row: Sandy Sinclair, Dugie McFadyen, Alan Sinclair, Pete Leitch, Archie Crawford, Alec Thomson, John Campbell

3rd Row: John Lennox, …?…, Sadie Weir, Mary MacKellar, Jenny Black, Eleanor Campbell, Colin Sinclair, Duncan Luke

2nd Row: Tommy McIver, Orna McAlpine, Margaret Leitch, Cathie Weir, Margaret Crawford, Peggy Sinclair, Nancy McFadyen, Amy Armstrong, Duncan Campbell,…?…

Front Row: Neil Campbell, Willie Leitch, Ian McFadyen, John Weir, Archie Sinclair, Jackie Armstrong, Peter Mackellar, Donald MacKellar, Willie McIver, Donald Luke
School Photos 1929
0008 Strachur School 1929

Back Row, L to R: Miss MacDonald, J Armstrong, T McNair, Ian Macfadyen, N. Campbell, …?…, Peter MacKellar, Archie Sinclair

2nd Row: A. McFadyen, D. Campbell, Ina Black, Cecily Caldwell, …?…, Peggy McNair, ..?.., …?…, D. Luke

3rd Row: Janet McVicar, …?…, …?…, Bella Sinclair, Betty Luke, Nancy MacFadyen, Cathie Weir, M.MacGowan, Katie MacGowan

Front Row: Bobby McNair, Jim Armstrong, Neil Whyte, …?…, …?…
School Photos 1930
0009 Strachur School 1930

Back Row: L-R: Peter Mackellar, Tommy McNair, Tommy McIver, Ian Macfadyen, Archie Sinclair, Jack Armstrong, Donald Luke, Teacher: Miss MacDonald

2nd Row: Amy Armstrong, C. McLean, Cecily Caldwell, M. Macpherson, Nancy MacFadyen, C. Calder, Polly Foote

3rd Row: Ina Black, Cathie Weir, Betty Luke, M. Hamilton, M. Kay, Mary Campbell Front Row: Bobby McNair, Archie McFadyen, Jimmy Armstrong, A, McLean, D. Swandels
School Photos 1934
0010 Strachur School 1934 (Senior Classes)

Back Row: Archie McAllister, Neil Whyte, ….?…., ….?….,Tommy Kay, ….?….

Second Row: …?…, Douglas Harrison, Ella McPherson, Agnes Armstrong, Ina Black, Isabel Mcvicar, Lizzie Howell, Charlie McNair, Neil McFadyen, Donald Campbell

Front Row: George Luke, Mamie Hamilton, Margaret Howell, Nan Aitken, Catherine Leitch, Isabel Montgomery, Jean Black, Irma Fergusson, Alistair Calder
School Photos 1934
0011 Strachur School 1934 (Junior Classes)

Back Row: L-R B. Bolan, Marion Leitch, Betty Gilmour, Jean Russell, Ella Kay, Ethel Luke, Rena Mckell, P. Stuart, Miss McKinnon (teacher)

Second Row: Lachie Luke, Colin Montgomery, M. McNicol, …?…, Ishbel Campbell, …?…, J. Mathers, …?…, R McAlister

Third Row: A. Stuart, M. Luke, S. Fergusson, D. McNicol, G. Fulton, J Fulton, B. Aitken

Front Row: A. McNicol, Jock McLean, Willie Sinclair, W. Hamilton, Duncan Luke
School Photos
0012 Strachur School

Back Row: ….?…., ….?…., ….?….., Jackie Armstrong, ….?…., Archie MacFadyen, Tom Kay

Second Row: ….?…., Bella Sinclair, Cathie Weir, ….?…., Ina Black, Agnes Armstrong, Janet McVicar

Third Row: ….?…., ….?…., Isabel Montgomery, Lizzie Howell, Isobel McVicar, Cathie Leitch Front Row: Neil McFadyen, ….?…., Bobby McNair, ….?…., George Luke, ….?….
school photos 1950
0013 Strachur School 1950

Miss MacKenzie, John McFadyen, Robert Whyte, Angus Cumming, Willie Montgomery, Harry McLaren, Duncan MacLean, Dennis Carmichael, Donald Cameron, Willie Campbell, Donald Campbell, Peter MacPherson

Second Row: Beth Provan, Margaret Lamont, Martha Whyte, Margaret MaDiarmid, Margaret Fraser, Catherine McFadyen, Myra Whyte, Sheena McNair, Heather MacFarlane, Catherine Sinclair, ? Campbell

Third Row: …?…, Glen MacFarlane, Isobel Fleming, Edith Cameron, Janet Maclennan, Margaret Montgomery, Jan Fraser, Ann MacLean, Rona MacCallum, Elsie Cameron, …?…, George MacLaren, Archie Campbell
School Photos 1952
0014 Strachur School 1952

Back Row: John McFadyen, Robert Whyte, George McLaren, Peter Douglas, Ronald McLellan, Peter MacPherson

2nd row: Angus Cumming, Miss Margaret Logan(Teacher)

3rd row: Colin McInnes, Andrew Thomson, Isabel Fleming, Elsie Cameron, Margaret Montgomery, Ann McLean, Ian Luke, Donald Cameron

4th row: Cathie Montgomery, Janet Cumming, Flora Sinclair, Christine McGregor, Sheena McNair, Janet MacLennan, John McGarvie

5th row: Jim Black, George Campbell
School Photos 1953
0015 Strachur School: 1953

Back Row L-R: Colin MacInnes, John McFadyen, George McLaren, Peter MacPherson, Harry McLaren, John McGarvie, Ronald McLellan, David Cameron, Donald Campbell, George Campbell

Second Row: Mr MacInnes, Gilbert Downie, Angus Cumming, Willie Campbell, Margaret Morrison, Martha Whyte, Mary Marshall, Margaret Montgomery, Donald Cameron, Willie Montgomery

3rd Row: Cathie Montgomery, Jan Fraser, Edith Cameron, Grace Rankin, Flora Sinclair, Janet Cumming, Isabel Fleming, Mairi McKinnon, Janet MacLennan, Sheena McNair
School Photos
0016 Strachur School

First Row: David Cameron, Peter Law, Jimmy Douglas, Jim Black

Second Row: David Stewart, Peter Douglas, Andrew Thomson, Iain Luke, Robert Whyte, ? Craig, Teacher Nancy MacIntyre

Front Row: Agnes Mary Sinclair, Marjorie MacAlpine, Margaret MacPherson, Elsie Crawford, Ishbel Fraser, Morag Barr, Irene Cumming, Ann Scott
School photos
0017 Strachur School

Back Row: Willie Campbell, Ian Law, Duncan Lamont, Willie Montgomery, Harry McLaren, Donald Campbell

Second Row: Irene McFadyen, Myra Whyte, Alice Black, Mr MacInnes, May MacCallum, Margaret Fraser, Catherine McFadyen, Martha Whyte,

Front Row: Margaret Morrison, Catherine Sinclair, Beth Provan, Mary Marshall, Jan Fraser, Margaret Fleming, Edith Cameron, Margaret Lamont

Leslie Cameron
School Photos 1955
0018 Strachur School Pre 1955

Back Row: John MacKinnon, John/Jim Craig, Stewart Carmichael, Angus Allan Paterson, Jack Burdall, Duncan Campbell, Alec Clark, Hamish Downie, Arch. MacPherson, Eddie McGarvie

Second Row: Sheena Black, David McMartin, John MacLennan, Charles Gorman, David Carmichael, Robbie Bulloch, John Clark, Margaret McFadyen

Front Row: Maureen Carmichael, Bessie MacLennan, Helen Carmichael, Molly Calder, …?…., Betty Luke, Fiona McInnes, Martha Groom, Sheila Douglas, Seon Billowes
School Photos 1958
0019 Strachur School 1958

Back Row: Mr McInnes (Headmaster), Neil Whyte, Desmond Craig, Gordon Smith, Peter McKellar, Martin Turner, Jim Bennet, Jimmie MacGarvie

Front Row: Isabel Campbell, Margaret McIntyre, Rhoda Morrison, Brian Walker, Morrison Leitch
School photo 1958
0020 Strachur School 1958

Back Row: Ian McFadyen, James Thomson, William Auld, Jim Calder, John McFadyen, Ivor Campbell

Front Row: Linda Starret, Duncan MacPerson, Patricia MacKellar, Douglas Harrison, Moira Laidlaw, Hugh Cameron
Strachur School 1960
0020A Strachur School 1960

Back Row: Jacquie Mollison, …?…, Catherine Campbell, Christine McDougall, Fiona Kerr, Jenny Campbell

3rd Row: Alice Brown, …?…, Neil Mollison, Donnie Clark, Douglas Nairn, Ronnie MacDonald, Dorothy Luke

2nd Row: Margaret Clark, Elizabeth Nairn, Mary Stronach, Josephine Czarowski, Marilyn McDonald, …?…, …?…, Elizabeth McKellar, Jean Laidlaw

Front Row: Neil Mollison, Calum Ruaridh McSween, Peter Martin, Hamish Morrison, Colin Whyte, …?…, (Torrance?), Jim Laidlaw
Strachur School photo 1960
0021 Strachur School 1960

Back Row: Leslie Kerr, Ian McFadyen, Joyce Craig, Linda Starret, Betty Craig, William Morrison, Ivor Campbell

Second Row: Donald MacLaren, Brian Black, Fiona McIlravie, Shona Douglas, Myra MacIntyre, Brian Luke, Donald Cameron

Third Row: Florence MacPherson, Neileen Leitch, Patricia MacKellar, Mary Thomson, Moira Laidlaw, Anna Gicaskie, Dulcie Gray, Margaret MacKellar

Front Row: Duncan MacPherson, Hugh Cameron, Jim Thomson, John MacFadyen, William Auld, Douglas Harrison, James Calder
School Photos
0022 Strachur School

Back Row: Hamish Morrison, Douglas Black, Neil McGeachie,

Front Row: Jean McGladdery, Christine MacDougall, Moira Greig, Jenny Campbell
Strachur School
0023 Strachur School

Back Row: …?…, Graham Hendry, Cameron MacDonald, Alan Kerr

Front Row: Fiona Campbell, Joy Weir, Jean McIlravie, Frances Harris, Doreen ?
School Photos 1964/65
0024 Strachur School 1964/65

Back Row: Andrew Armstrong, Andy Wilson, Graham Hendry, John Bain, Cameron MacDonald, Alan Kerr

Front Row: Lawrie Dooling, Linda Black, Kirsteen Gilmour, Fiona Campbell, Jean McIlravie, Joy Weir, Francis Harris

School School photo dated 1965 showing Primary 3
0025 Strachur School 1965 Pr.3

Back Row: Alistair MacLachlan, Angus Winters, Iain McCuaig, Ronnie Cairns, Alistair Carmichael

Second Row: ChrissAnne McSween, Jean Smith, Fiona MacDougall, Moira Smith, Alison Martin, Marion Nairn, Fiona McPherson

Front Row: Richard Wilson, Gregor Campbell, Donnie McDonald, Iain Clark, Andrew and Douglas McHugh
Strachur School 1966/67

Back Row: ? , Ronnie Campbell, Iain Nairn, Ivor Henry, Rhona MacNab , Matt Magee, Alistair McCuaig, ? , Grace McLean

Front Row: ? , Kenny Whyte, Alistair Campbell, ? , ? , ? , ? , John Cairns

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