Strachur House – Images of House and Garden

Strachur House with Standing Stone
SH1-001 Strachur House with Standing Stone
Strachur House
Strachur House
Strachur House

From 1897-1918 Strachur House, then called Strachur Park, was lived in by The Plowden Family and SDLHS are lucky to have a lot of information about their time there. Please see our other pages on The Plowdens. Minnie Plowden kept an album detailing events and visitors to Strachur Park.

PC1-058 The Chicken Walk

This was constructed to help Minnie Plowden – it seemed she could walk up the ramp but was unable to climb stairs. The boy is Humphrey – frequently affectionally called Bims in the album. He was Roger and Minnie Plowden’s son.

PC1-071 – A good view of ‘The Chicken Walk’ It seems there was no door at the top but Minnie had to climb through a window.
PC1-072 Helen was a very good friend of Minnie’s and a frequent visitor.
PC1-070 Although a bit blurry, you can just make out the dog called Tiddlewinks, held by Minnie. Juggins is the other dog in the photo.

An typical example of a page in Minnie’s Album

Many thanks to Leif Brag for the following photos of the current gardens

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