Miss Annie MacDonald

Miss Annie MacDonald was the daughter of Dr Hugh Fergusson MacDonald, minister of Strachur and Strathlachlan, 1848 -1901. The following photographs were taken by her around 1900. More information about Annie can be found at the end of this page.

MacDA – 001

Photographs by Miss Anne MacDonald
MacDA – 003

The Old Bay with stances for fishermen’s nets and old coal ree.
MacDA – 004

“Lord of the Isles”at Creggans Pier
MacDA – 005

School and Schoolhouse. Note the school caps in the porch.
MacDA – 006

The now demolished United Free Church
MacDA – 007

The Parish Church
MacDA – 0008

Back Walk Strachur Estate
MacDA – 009

Back walk Strachur Estate
MacDA – 010

Clachan Brae and Smiddy
MacDA – 011

High Clachan with Lucy MacCulloch standing at door, Maggie Montgomery, Lenny Scott and Emma
MacDA – 012

The view between The Bay and The Lodge
MacDA – 013

Old castle at Castle Lachlan
MacDA – 014

Poll on road to St Catherines
MacDA – 015

St Catherine’s Post Office. Montgomery’s “machine” and horse. “The Pines” in the background.
MacDA – 016

Balliemeanoch Bridge
MacDA – 017

Road to Strathlachlan. “Machine” and horse from Hotel
MacDA – 018

The Bay and Old Pier
MacDA – 019

Strathlachlan Churchyard
MacDA – 020

Road up to Whistlefield
MacDA – 021

The Coaches and Fairy Queen at Loch Eck
MacDA – 022

Loch Eck at Corrie Ealt
MacDA – 023

Glenbranter with Loch Eck in the background
MacDA – 024

Strachur School House, Strachurmore fields and road to Succoth
MacDA – 025

The burn on the road to Succoth
MacDA – 26

The burn on the road to Succoth

Annie Olivie MacDonald was born in 1862 in Strachur and lived in the Manse with her family.

1901 census has the following people living in the Manse:-

Jessie MacDonald (Rev MacDonald’s daughter)

Annie MacDonald Sister

Fitz Charles MacDonald Brother

Mary MacDonald Sister-in-Law

Thomas G Findlay Visitor

Robina Douglas Servant

Janet Kerr Servant.

After the death of Rev MacDonald on 13/02/1901 they would have had to move from the manse and when Annie married Thomas G Findlay (the visitor in the 1901 census) her address is given as Laurel Bank, Strachur. Thomas lived in Roxburgh Street Glasgow and by the 1911 census Thomas and Annie were living in Shettleston, Glasgow.

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