The Girls’ Brigade


Company formed in approx. 1960 as The Girls Guildry until amalgamation with The Girls Brigade(Ireland) and The Girls Life Brigade(England) on 10th June 1968 to become The Girls’ Brigade.

OFFICERS 1960 – 1997

Janice McFadyen
Maecil Cameron
Flora Mcguigan
Jean Murry
Mary Beaton
Mrs Brennan
Betty McHugh
May McCuaig
Jean Berndt
Bette MacAulay
Ina MacFadyen
Margaret Johnston
Anne Douglas
Myra MacLennan
Isobel McGladdery
Liz Nairn
Fiona Smalley
Rita MacKellar
Alison roy
Nettie Killen
Shirley McHugh
Frances Wilson
Sue Challis

photo of 1st Strachur C. The Girl's Brigade

Back Row – Helen Carmichael, Bessie MacLennan, Louisa Douglas, Shauna Douglas, Ishbel Leitch, Dulcie Gray, Mhairi McNair, Margaret MacKellar, Patricia MacKellar, Mary Thomson, Dorothy Luke, Florence MacPherson

Front Row …?…, Marlyn MacDonald, Christine Campbell, …?…, Elizabeth Campbell
Photo showing some members of Strachur Girl's Brigade attending the opening of the Red Cross Centre in Dunoon

Opening of the Red Cross Centre in Dunoon

From Left ..?..,..?..,..?.., Patricia MacKellar?, Jill Fraser, Allison Luke, Fiona Kerr, Mairi Campbell, Catherine Campbell, Bessie MacLennan
Display of 1st Strachur Co. Girl's Brigade
Girl's Brigade guard of honour at Morag Barr's Wedding

Morag Barr’s marriage to Willie Love

Left hand side from church door Catherine Campbell, Elizabeth Campbell, Anne Campbell, Jenny Campbell, Mary Mollison, Jill Fraser, Allison Luke, Anne McIssac, Jean McIlravie

Right hand side from church door Margaret Clark, Fiona Kerr, …?…, Christine Campbell, Mairi Campbell, Anne Eccleston, …?…, .?. MacPherson, Fiona Campbell, …?…
Girls Brigade attending presentation of the colours - donated by the people of St Catherines

Presentation of the GB Colours donated by the people of St. Catherines

Back Row L-R Myra MacLennan, Rosy MacInnes, Mary MacLachlan, ..?.., ..?.., ..?.., ..?.., ..?.., Francis MacLean, ..?.., Grace MacLean, ..?.., Mrs Banks, Mary Beaton, Mr Banks

Front Row L-R Jackie Robertson, Jennifer Armstrong, Anne Munro, Catriona Munro, Catriona Armstrong, Louise Gilfinnan, Joanna Montgomery, Elizabeth Black GB1-005
photo of 1st Strachur Co. Girl's Brigade

Liz Nairn, Lorna Montgomery, Betty McHugh, Shona MacLeod, Rev. Donald Shaw, Moderator, Fiona Kerr, ? Bunting, Rita MacKellar

Front – Mary Peters, Emma and Gillian Campbell
photo of 1st Strachur Co. Girl's Brigade

Abt. 1978

Back Row -Margaret Johnston Linda Reid

Middle Row – Mhairi MacLennan, Laura MacPherson, Marby McDonald, Johann McDonald, Gilly Thomson.

Front Row -Catriona Cameron, Gillian Armstrong, Mae Donald, Sandra Cameron, Lesley Reid
photo of 1st Strachur Co. Girls Brigade
GB1-008 1984/85

Girl’s Brigade at Scouts Camp Lochgoilhead
photo of Captain Mary Beaton cutting the cake at her BEM Presentation

Mairi Kerr, Mairi MacDonald, Wife of the Marquis of Bute, Marquis of Bute, Mary Beaton, Neil Beaton

Captain Mary Beaton received BEM for Services to the Community – photo taken at her presentation.
photo of 1st Strachur Co. Girl's Brigade

Girls’ Brigade Flag displayed in the Memorial Hall during a History Society Open Day

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