1918 – 1957 – Lady George and Miss Joan Campbell

Lady George
LG1-001 Lady George

In 1918 Lady George Campbell became the new occupant of Strachur Park. As Sybil Lanscelles Alexander she was born in 1860 in London and in 1879 had married Lord George Granville Campbell, 4th son of the 8th Duke of Argyll. He had died in 1915, aged 64, having gained the rank of Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.

Her son, Ivar, had died in 1916 from wounds received in action with the 3rd Batallion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. (See more about Ivar on our WW1 page)WW1

Ivar Campbell sketched by Cadell
LG1-010 Ivar Campbell sketched by The artist Francis Cadell a friend of Ivar’s.

Lady George moved from Inveraray Castle into Strachur Park with her daughter Joan where in later years they were joined by the young son of her second daughter Enid, Ian Fife Anstruther, who spent most of his childhood in Strachur House.

Miss Joan Campbell with Ian Anstruther
LG1-002 Miss Joan Campbell with Ian Anstruther

Lady George and Miss Joan Campbell were both very fond of children. Many workers’ children received gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Lady George also donated the Dux prize in Strachur Primary. Piping was encouraged and the Miss Joan Campbell Pipe Band was formed, with uniforms and pipes being gifted by the Campbells. (See Miss Joan Campbell pipe Band on our Piping Page) Piping

It was during Lady George’s time the square entrance porch of Strachur house was replaced by the present round-ended one, which echoes the round-ended back entrance. The balcony-cum-conservatory was removed, restoring the left flanking wing to its former shape, in harmony with the right wing. Lady George also added a further, single-storied wing to the right of the house.

Strachur House
Strachur House
LG1-009 Back view of Strachur House

Lady George died in 1947, aged 87 years. Miss Joan Campbell sold the Strachur Estate in 1957 to Sir Fitzroy MacLean.

Ian Anstruther
LG1-003 Ian Anstruther
Ian Anstruther
LG1-004 Ian Anstruther
Ian Anstruther
LG1-005 Ian Anstruther
Miss Joan Campbell
LG1-006 Miss Joan Campbell
Miss Joan Campbell
LG1-007 Miss Joan Campbell

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