1897-1918 -Roger Herbert Plowden -Life in Strachur

Roger and Minnie Plowden became very involved with life and activities in the village. Not only did Minnie take photographs but she also was an accomplished painter. Both Minnie and Roger’s second wife, Helen Plowden who were great friends, were very well read and both recorded events through painting, drawing, photographs and written material. Please contact us if you wish to know more.

PC1-069 Minnie Plowden
PC1-068 Signed watercolour
PC1-067 Watercolour by Minnie Plowden
PF1-026 Mr MacMillan the boatman with Humphrey Plowden
Photo from Plowden Collection
PC1-038 From Plowden Collection barking the nets at Fishermen’s Pier, Strachur
PC1-029 Fishing boat lying alongside the Old Pier in the background in this photo of the field in front of Strachur Park
PC1-038 Photo taken from below Avenue Cottage showing Mary Weaver’s cottage and the Fisherman’s pier and shed

Roger and Helen Plowden took a great deal of interest in life in Strachur. Roger played golf and the following items from newspapers at the time tell us of his support.

PC1–053 The bridge at Strachur Park

Excerpts from Newspapers

Oban Times May 21st 1904

“Some time ago, at a series of meetings held by those interested in the formation of a golf club for Strachur and Strathlachlan, it was resolved unanimously to carry the project into effect, and steps were taken immediately to construct a nine hole course. Saturday first at 3 o’clock, will see the opening of the course, when Mr R.H. Plowden of Strachur will drive the opening ball, and declare the course open. No doubt Mr Plowden, being a golfer, will have something to say in praise of the game and commend it to the parishioners and visitors. It is hoped that the course will become popular, and that the committee will be supported financially by the householders, in view of the course being a decided acquisition to the district. The Secretary and Treasurer is the Rev. Alex MacDonald, Ivy Cottage.”

Edinburgh Evening Times, November 30th, 1906

“New course at Strachur The new golf course at Balliemeanoch Farm, Strachur, was formally opened yesterday when Mr R.H.Plowden of Strachur drove the first ball and declared the course open.”

Oban Times November 11th, 1913

“On New Years Day the nine hole golf course at Strachur was formally opened for play. The ground for the course, which is on the Home Farm at Balliemeanach, situated conveniently in the centre of the village, has been kindly granted free by Mr and Mrs R.H. Plowden, of Strachur Park, who have also contributed handsomely to the cost of formation.”

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